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Nutrezy Bars are created by passion by a mother and daughter, a naturally healthy snack packed with “nature’s gift”.

Nature’s gift – Nutrezy bars are packed with the good-ness of nature’s ingredients and comprise of wholesome nuts and seeds put together in the perfect combination to create a healthy and delicious snack.


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Our Mission

We are passionate to continuously seek and create balanced products for the ever evolving healthy consumers.

 The taste and the ingredients of our products are of premium nature and are the secret of a healthy life.

Our Vision

KARMASUKOM EDIBLES – would like to be a very successful organisation by continuously evolving and manufacturing healthy products which are nutritionally balanced. Focusing on QUALITY to enhance the lifestyle & create naturally tasty products., totally committed to the environment, health & safety, legally complaint to the well-being of the society at large/stakeholders.

"Nutrition Made Easy with Nutrezy"

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Why our Product are best for good Health


Sukesha Kadaba, with a Masters in Finance & experience in the education industry; and with her extensive love for cooking and creating innovative, healthy and tasty recipes for friends and family also encouraging to improve the lifestyle, decided to turn passion into profession to create healthy & nutritionally balanced products-Nutrezy.

Komal Kadaba, with her keen interest to develop a healthy lifestyle and learn the secret of healthy recipes from her mom, did her MBA in Healthcare to gain more understanding on well-being & healthy living.She is now sharing the passion with her mother to create a synergy between nutrition and taste.


Nutrezy Bars are created by passion by mother and daughter, A naturally healthy snack packed with "nature's Gift"



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